[Marxism] the need to understand Hegel

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A Critical Study
Kevin Anderson

This first full-length treatment of Lenin's studies of Hegel presents Lenin 
as a major figure in Hegelian Marxism, providing a more nuanced portrait of 
his work than that of either official Marxist-Leninism or most Western 

"With impressive argumentation and wide-ranging scholarship, Anderson 
presents us with a Lenin that no one seriously interested in current 
debates over the relevance of Marxist theory to socialist practice can 
afford to miss." -- Bertell Ollman, author of Dialectical Investigations

"An important contribution to grasping the conceptual roots of Marxist 
theory and practice." -- Tom Rockmore, author of Hegel's Circular Epistomology

"Today Lenin looks like he did little more than prepare the way for Stalin. 
You will find the opposite view in this novel study. . . . I recommend the 
book to anyone seriously interested in Russia and revolution." -- George 
Uri Fischer, author of The Soviet System and Modern Society

KEVIN ANDERSON, an assistant professor of sociology at Northern Illinois 
University, DeKalb, has published articles in Sociological Theory, Review 
of Radical Political Economics, and other journals and edited collections.

344 pages. 6 x 9 inches
Cloth, ISBN 0-252-02167-3. $21.00
Paper, ISBN 0-252-06503-4. $21.00a
Political Philosophy



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