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dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Tue Jan 17 12:33:16 MST 2006

Can't go with this thread with out mentioning our super-detailed, finely sourced
"Hegel-by-Hypertext" site on the Marxists Internet archive:

Basically an "everything you wanted to know about...." type Hegel site. Thanks
to our first cyber-Hegel explorer, Andy Blunden.

Also, can't go without mentioning:

Bascially a clearing house for all-links-Hegel. This is from the "Hegel Society
of America", one of several societies.

My advice on reading Hegel: have a sports game on the radio in the background
playing, open up a large bottle of a heavy beer, like Guiness, or, maybe a
hearty porter [a nice robust Zinfindel or any Rhone variatel will work also,
btw, I've tried it], chips, and then break open "System of Ethical Life"
["http://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/hegel/seindex.htm"]. The radio
actually adds a sort of needed destraction for you, a sort of 'escape ladder'
in case reading Hegel starts giving you the creeps or you begin to get lost in
his logic and can't quite put the book down. Great way to spend a rainy
day...of course one can repeat all this with Proust, but that's for another
lite reading seminar...


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