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Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Tue Jan 17 15:02:27 MST 2006


Friends- Over 1,000 people participated in this year's ML King Day
demonstration in downtown Detroit.  And, again, a major theme was opposition
to the Iraq war.  We want to urge you to become more active this year.  Here
are a few upcoming activities. (By the way- if you have activities in other
parts of the state or around Detroit that you want advertised you can put
them on the MECAWI.org website calendar by emailing admin at mecawi.org or send
them to me as early as possible).-- David Sole 1. Start attending meetings
of the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI) -
Wednesday's at 7 PM at 5922 Second Avenue, Detroit (at Antoinette, just
north of Wayne State U).  This week (Jan. 
18) we will be planning for anti-war action on the third anniversary of the
Iraq war (March 18-19).  We will also be trying to help Wayne State U
students who are planning to spend their Spring break in New Orleans working
with the People's Hurricane Relief and Common Ground Collective.
2. A public forum on "The Attack on Delphi Workers and the Murder of the
Coal Miners - what these mean for the working class" will be held on
Saturday, January 21 at 5 PM sponsored by Workers World Party.  Dinner will
be served.  5920 Second Avenue, Detroit.
3. MECAWI is showing the first part of "Eyes on the Prize" for young people
on Saturday, Jan. 28 at Noon.  The one hour documentary will be followed by
a discussion by and for young people.  A light lunch will be served.
Parents bringing their children may stay through the program.  
Call 313-680-5508 to register and let us know how many are coming.

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