[Marxism] Balance sheet of the struggle in the Australian DSP

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Tue Jan 17 17:50:09 MST 2006

        A summary of the factional struggle in the Democratic Socialist
        Perspective and likely future developments. 

Not to praise, not to blame, but to understand

By Bob Gould

The DSP conference has now been over for a couple of weeks and the two 
factions in the DSP have obviously been making their arrangements for 
the future in the steamy heat of a Sydney January.

The new national secretary, Peter Boyle, has belatedly released a poorly 
drafted letter to the national executive of the Socialist Alliance, in 
which he says he's the national secretary, John Percy is the national 
president and Sue Bolton is the assistant national secretary. More news 
of the conference is promised in the first issue of Green Left Weekly 
for the year, on January 25, three weeks after the event ended.

My understanding is that the conference was extremely heated and 
intense. It was a small event with a relatively high delegate ratio, and 
the DSP departed from its usual pattern of having a residential 
conference for its new year gathering, instead hiring a high school in 
inner-city Sydney. Observer numbers were down and the usual educational 
and public sessions of the annual gathering, which are usual even at 
decision-making conferences, apparently were absent.

The relationship of forces was comfortably on the side of the majority. 
Minority platforms were counterposed to all the reports, and I'm told on 
good authority that the voting was uniform through with the majority 
having 44 delegate votes and 29 consultative votes, while the minority 
had 16 delegate votes and 11 consultative votes.

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