[Marxism] Witch hunt at UCLA

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jan 18 11:15:13 MST 2006

Chris Bray was a grad student in history at UCLA who recently got shipped 
off by the military to Kuwait, although he was expecting to end up in Iraq. 
He has been posting about Iraq on the Cliopatria historian's blog, mixing 
together trenchant criticisms of the war with his own confused conservative 
(as opposed to neoconservative) ideas. You can read his posts at:


Today, he has taken aim at the witch-hunt at UCLA and has this to say (keep 
in mind that he is being ironic):

After some careful reflection, I have realized that I now agree 
wholeheartedly with Andrew Jones, the president of UCLA Profs. Disregard my 
previous post; I've decided to lend a land as the young Mr. Jones sets out 
to monitor campus discussions and punish people in the university community 
for expressing incorrect opinions. Toward that end, I've started my own 
parallel website, Surveillance Central (http://tapeandy.blogspot.com/). 
Your help is warmly solicited.



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