[Marxism] The Bay Area General Strikes; '34 in SF & '46 in Oakland

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Wed Jan 18 11:16:50 MST 2006


The Oakland General Strike of 1946 was one of the most inspiring examples of class solidarity during the fiercest episode of the class war in U. S. history-and also the last general strike to ever occur. The "Work Holiday" December 2-5, 1946 in Oakland, was an overwhelming demonstration of working class power based on massive solidarity with in a community; it was the last of six general strikes that year. 1946 was a crucial turning point in class struggle in the U.S., with more than 2,970,000 involved in strikes in the first six months of the year alone. Even the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics called the first half of 1946 "the most concentrated period of labor-management strife in the country's history." And there were also massive strikes on the railroads and by coal miners, autoworkers, and steelworkers. The steel strike was a walk-out of 750,000, still the record for the single biggest strike in any industry. By the end of 1946, there had been 4,985 strikes, involving 4.6 million workers and 116 million "man-days" were lost due to the industrial work stoppage (all of these are still the all time records for the U.S.). 

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