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Hello all: Read this article (website) about a guy who was a republican and 
became socialist

Socialism: The Next Stage of Human Development

What began as my personal exploration of political power, institutions, and 
organizations has expanded to an exploration of identity politics, 
especially religion, race, ethnicity, and gender. When I turned eighteen, I 
registered to vote as a member of the Democratic Party. In my very first 
election, the Fall 1992 election, imagine my surprise when everyone I voted 
for won, from Bill Clinton to Dianne Feinstein! The 1990s show why I 
switched to the Republican Party in 1998. That got old very quickly and I 
next explored the Libertarian Party. They seem to be group of disgruntled 
former Republicans. I'm currently registered with the Green Party, which 
doesn't have a very strong base here in Kern County, but I'm looking to 
change that. Unfortunately, the Kern County Green Party is made up of 
gray-haired old people who really aren't interested in political action and 
change. Why does Kern County have to suck so much?
I became a Republican several years ago because I found myself in agreement 
with the ideals set forth in the Republican Oath. In 1998, however, I was 
forced to switch my political affiliation to the Libertarian Party and then 
again to the Green Party in 2002. I still believe in the ideals articulated 
by the Republican Party, but I can not abide the hypocrisy of the Republican 
leadership. They can not continue to proclaim the Republican ideal of 
limited government while denying the basic constitutional rights of gay, 
lesbian, and bisexual citizens and attacking states that pass popular 
refendera allowing the use of medical marijuana or the legality of 
physician-assisted suicide. They can not continue to advocate a sound 
economic policy while allowing big business to destroy the environment, deny 
workers' rights, and place profits before people. When the current 
leadership of the Party is long gone, I might consider rejoining, but until 
then, I can not call myself a Republican and an American in the same breath.

In exploring history and contemporary international politics, I've often 
found capitalism to be the source of much human misery. I've decided to 
learn more about socialism and other alternatives to capitalism. I believe 
that capitalism is destroying our civilization and, in turn, sowing the 
seeds for its own replacement by a more advanced system of economic and 
social democracy. Capitalism has evolved into a new religion and the way to 
salvation is higher profits. To be most effective, that is, profitable, 
capitalism must operate by its own laws and not in accordance with the human 
rights recognized by our Constitution.

I am now commited to fighting againt the Bush adminsitration and its desire 
to destroy the essence of the American dream. The United States is not a 
corporation that strives to make money regardless of the cost. Our national 
interests are more than just corporate profits and lucrative business 
contracts for Bush's oil allies. We are the land of the free and the home of 
the brave. I can not believe that our veterans put their lives on the line 
in past wars just so the Bush-Cheney corporate whore team can wage a war 
against a much weaker nation for the sole purpose of taking over Iraq's oil 

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