[Marxism] Re: Balance sheet of the struggle in the Australian DSP

Ozleft Ozleft at optusnet.com.au
Wed Jan 18 20:37:11 MST 2006

Sorry, this should have been included with Bob Gould's previous post in 
this thread.

It is a brief summary of the dispute, posted on Indymedia.

So far, all that has come out of the DSP is a letter to the Socialist
Alliance national executive, which includes a statement that there
will be more news of the conference on Jan 25, in the first issue of
Green Left Weekly for the year.

The Percy faction wanted to cut back activity in the Socialist
Alliance, largely because Green Left Weekly sales have plummeted, DSP
membership has fallen (some DSP members have resigned from the DSP
and just kept up their Socialist Alliance membership, DSP finances
have been in crisis, some Resistance (youth group) branches have
collapsed, many Socialist Alliance branches have stopped meeting,
most of the Socialist Alliance affiliates except the DSP and Workers
Liberty (and Workers Liberty's commitment is mainly verbal) have
stopped contributing to the Alliance and a number of prominent
independents have dropped away after being done over in leadership

The Percy faction wanted to go back to calling the DSP Democratic
Socialist Party, rather than Democratic Socialist Perspective. It
characterises the Boyle leadership as liquidationist as well as
Social Democratic.

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