[Marxism] Re: Balance sheet of the struggle in the Australian DSP

Pip Hinman & Peter Boyle ppz at greenleft.org.au
Wed Jan 18 20:55:54 MST 2006

Below is a link to some responses I've posted on the Green Left list to 
Bob Gould's most unbalanced sheet of the "struggle in the DSP". My 
Stalin-like characteristics are supposedly evidenced by my nasty posts 
against in chronic gasbag on the Australian left who has built NOTHING 
after decades in left politics. Gould has called me many names but when 
he called me, a person of colour (a mongrel, a half-caste, etc), well I 
joked that I don't mind "debating with whitey". That's a mild response 
to such provocation, as no doubt a few white folk could testify. Get 
over it, Bob!

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