[Marxism] Re: Balance sheet of the struggle in the Australian DSP

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Wed Jan 18 21:38:07 MST 2006

Bob Gould:

>My posts, particularly my last post, include observations about the
internal dynamics of the DSP, as I understand them and it seems to me
that this kind of comment and analysis is both legitimate and
contributes to political discussion<

Hey Bob you haven't told me yet whether I'm an "ignorant ultraleft in 
the Boyle personal claque", or have a "grievance with the previous 
Percy regime" (silly me, I just thought I had an opinion). I'm 
anxious to know, as you obviously have more insight into the personal 
history, social lives, political positions and psychology of all DSP 
members than we do ourselves.

No wonder clever people like Louis take the insights and facts you so 
objectively and generously present to advance the left as good coin.

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