[Marxism] Stupid Australians - DSP and etc

Chris Warren cwarren at pcug.org.au
Thu Jan 19 03:13:35 MST 2006

I suppose by now most on this list have come to view the Australian's as
pretty much brain-dead.  The Boyle - Gould stuff is just so boring.

Believe me - I have had decade of this bloody nonsense.

These felons, from their stupid parties need to reread Marx........

"The Communists do not form a separate party opposed to other working class
parties......They do not set up any sectarian principles of their own, by
which to shape and mould the proletarian movement"

Marx should have added... "Unless they are Trots.."

Boyle and Gould are two squabbling trots ... and always will be squabbling
trots...the DSP/SA   is a joke .....tough.

Chris Warren

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> Below is a link to some responses I've posted on the Green Left list to
> Bob Gould's most unbalanced sheet of the "struggle in the DSP". My
> Stalin-like characteristics are supposedly evidenced by my nasty posts
> against in chronic gasbag on the Australian left who has built NOTHING
> after decades in left politics. Gould has called me many names but when
> he called me, a person of colour (a mongrel, a half-caste, etc), well I
> joked that I don't mind "debating with whitey". That's a mild response
> to such provocation, as no doubt a few white folk could testify. Get
> over it, Bob!
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