[Marxism] Re: Balance sheet of the dispute in the Australian DSP

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Thu Jan 19 05:48:26 MST 2006

By Bob Gould

It's hard to know where to start in responding to the new DSP national 
secretary Peter Boyle's post directed at me.

He demonstrates in spades my general point that he makes the most 
extraordinary appeals to backwardness, mainly directed at an audience 
inside the DSP. I don't remember accusing him, personally, of racism, 
other than pointing out that it was racist of him to refer to me as whitey.

The whole exchange over this question arose from my criticism of a 
report on the Marrickville by-election by Boyle's partner and fellow DSP 
leader Pip Hinman. I drew out what I believe were racist implications in 
Hinman's allegation that the Labor Party had bribed ethnic communities 
in the more working-class end of Marrickville.

This implied racism in Hinman's report is thrown into even bolder relief 
right now, as right-wing media demagogues such as Paul Sheehan, and the 
Liberal Party, are making accusations essentially similar to Hinman's: 
that Labor operators allegedly stack branches with Arabs and are soft on 
crime allegedly carried out by members of Arab communities.

The DSP leaders have been notably silent about this xenophobic dual 
attack on Arab communities and the Labor Party.

When I made my general point about this question concerning the 
Marrickville by-election, Boyle went off his tree in several posts on 
the Green Left list, calling me whitey and implying that I wouldn't know 
anything about such matters.

At the time I was a bit flummoxed as to why a responsible socialist 
political leaders would carry on like Eldridge Cleaver, but in 
retrospect it's now clear that he was gathering an internal faction in 
the DSP partly by appealing to such backwardness.

See below for the original article on the Marrickville by-election.

Boyle talks about me being a blowhard who has built nothing. Really, 
that's a reaction to what Ed Lewis and I have built in the past three 
years, Ozleft, which has acquired a certain audience in the labour 
movement in these parts. It's worth noting that if I acquiesced in the 
manoeuvres and projects of the Boyle leadership I would immediately 
become an honoured socialist independent. But if I then had any serious 
disagreements with the DSP, I would be once more consigned to the 
sectarian darkness now occupied along with myself by three successive 
groups of Socialist Alliance independents who dared to disagree with the 

DSP racism in Marrickville by-election "analysis":

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