[Marxism] Two perspectives on the Socialist Alliance

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 19 08:49:28 MST 2006

I wrote this in September 2002:

One can consider the possibility that a vanguard party does not exist in 
Australia, not even in an embryonic form. Furthermore, all the "theoretical 
conquests" that distinguish the Trotskyist, post-Trotskyist or Maoist 
vanguard formations might be of little value in forming a true vanguard 
party, because these conquests turn out to be little more than shibboleths 
about revolutions that took place more than a half-century ago. When they 
turn into litmus paper tests, they obviously get in the way of true unity.

Ultimately, this is what Marxist party-building must be about. Instead of 
thinking in typical small proprietor "market share" terms (newspaper
circulation, membership numbers, attendance at national events, etc.), 
activists must think in terms of the needs of the class as a whole. There 
is little question in my mind that an objective basis for Marxist unity 
exists in Australia as many of the "split questions" of the 1970s and 80s 
recede in importance. Those who can seize the opportunity to establish a 
new framework for revolutionary unity will be honoring the best traditions 
of Marx and Lenin, no matter what their petty detractors say.

full: http://archives.econ.utah.edu/archives/marxism/2002w36/msg00082.htm

How Jim Percy saw the Socialist Alliance:

We can have Socialist Alliance stalls, but recognise that they're primarily 
GLW stalls. We can join up people to SA from the stalls, have all the SA 
literature on them, but should also have DSP and Resistance material on them.

We should continue to solicit Socialist Alliance membership, and service 
them with emailings. We can use SA as an organisation that can organise and 
sometimes mobilise a large milieu of our supporters, and bring the best of 
them closer to the DSP. But do we have to dish out all these members' 
details to the sects?

full: http://sydney.indymedia.org/display.php3?article_id=64049&group=webcast



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