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The New York Times, May 5, 1982
Books Of The Times
By Christopher Lehmann-Haupt
JEWS WITHOUT MERCY. A Lament. By Earl Shorris. 191 pages. Anchor/Doubleday. 
BY ''Jews Without Mercy,'' the title of his sixth book and third work of 
nonfiction, Earl Shorris means the so-called neoconservatives - Norman 
Podhoretz, Irving Kristol, Nathan Glaser, Midge Decter, Sidney Hook and so 

above (and others) were, by and large, cold warriors shunted aside by
'60s anti-war movement, some reacted to perception of anti-semitism
on the left, others sensed increasing vulnerability of israel, some
thought that they were 'self-made' people who had risen from ranks of
poor through hard work and they adopted attitude that others 'earn'
their position in similar manner... 

in mid-60s, kristol co-founded (with daniel bell) _the public interest_, 
one of neo-conservatism's two leading journals, around the same time,
_commentary_ (long-established journal of the american jewish committee),
began to develop neo-con position under podhoretz's editorship...

two journals provided platform from which corps of regular contributors
attacked the new left and liberalism's ostensible acquiesence to it, number
of these writers had access to broader media/press which, on one hand,
seemed to relish attacks on left by people who had been/seemed to have
been member of the left themselves at one time...

most of the energy/effort of these folks in those years was invested in 
polemics against individual 'radicals', their claims and actions, liberal
public policies, _wall street journal_ was willing mouthpiece (it helped
make kristol and glazer central figures in neo-con critique) and business
was generous in its praise and financial assistance, already established
conservative think tanks gained new legitimacy from identifying with/
supporting neocons in a various ways... 

no domestic social policy from that period drew as much ire/opposition
(not to mention ridicule) from likes above than affirmative action...
michael hoover

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