[Marxism] About socialist alliance

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Thu Jan 19 15:42:23 MST 2006

Dunno if anyone has noticed, but I stopped criticising the Australian
Socialist Alliance quite a while ago. Once I'd finished my debates with the
ISO leadership, what was the point of being a carping critic. I wished the
alliance well, in a vague sort of way, without  actually expecting it to

I do, however, think like Jose that we need to draw some kind of balance of
the whole experience. To that end I would be grateful if someone from the
DSP would address two questions from their perspective:

a. do you agree that the Alliance is largely dead (apart from maybe Perth
and Geelong), as many people say (and a former leader of the Independents'
caucus said so to me so just the other day)?
b. and if so, what lessons arise. And please, what I'm looking for is not
something along the lines that "the ISO were obstructionist and most of the
independents were sectarian". You can think that if you like, but there are
always going to be ructions between people in politics. When conditions are
right, it should be possible to get past them. What we need to know is: why
did this project, which had at least the sympathy of most active leftists,
end up as a dead end. I have my views, and will post them if asked, but
you've heard them. I'm interested in yours.

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