[Marxism] logistical info for those going to Caracas Social Forum

Amaral1871 at aol.com Amaral1871 at aol.com
Thu Jan 19 21:18:03 MST 2006

I just wanted to inform those comrades who might be going to the social forum 
in VZ that there are some major difficulties travelling between the airport 
and the city. An important bridge has gone down and what was once a twenty 
minute trip is either an hour and a half in a 4X4 vehicle or 2.5 to three hours 
over another mountainous route. There is all sorts of chaos involved if one 
arrives late because the first route (the 4X4...) is closed over night and the 
cost involved can be relatively exorbitant any way you cut it. 

On my way out of Caracas, I got a ride from an interesting and engaging 
Chavista who has a reliable 98 Ford 4x4 ($100) . If anyone is looking for a ride 
and wants to contact me offlist I can provide his info...I think if one arrives 
earlier in the day   - and without excessive baggage - there are minibuses 
running which are cheaper ( of course you have to wait for them to be full for 
them to leave - making them less reliable in terms of timing things...). Anyway, 
just a heads up...


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