[Marxism] Bin Laden quotes...William Blum?!

M. Junaid Alam alam at lefthook.org
Thu Jan 19 21:31:23 MST 2006

Full text:


Doesn't really sound like typical bin Laden to me, but I suppose any 
clever propagandist can change his tune...the real question is, why 
would bin Laden issue this kind of speech which, give or take a few 
references to God, could pass for standard fare leftist rhetoric, given 
its references to the class nature of US society and citation from 
ex-state department long-time leftist William Blum? I don't think any 
Americans read what he says or would stay calm enough to care, given his 
own monstrous crimes.

Personally, I'm suspicious. If he was capable of differentiating between 
the government and the public to begin with, why attack civilian targets 
with glee? If it is genuinely him, he has definitely put the cart way 
before the horse...

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