[Marxism] The Australian newspaper

Ggregray at aol.com Ggregray at aol.com
Fri Jan 20 03:50:58 MST 2006

Just to add to Louise's characterisation of The Australian it might help to 
know that its is the very special product of Rupert Murdoch and owned by his 
News Corporation which also owns the Fox Network including the biased and 
unbalanced Fox News  and the London Times and etc etc etc.
The Australian was founded in 1964 and had a slight maverick flavour for some 
years -e.g. opposing the Vietnam War -in a limited way.
It has generally tended to become more and more conservative and 
reactionary-it is now a strong supporter of the right wing Howard Liberal Government and 
strongly supports the phony war on terror and the neo-liberal expression of the 
domination of the world economy by imperialism.
Murdoch himself has demonstrated that he is a model global capitalist by 
junking his Australian citizenship when it interfered with his plans to expand 
further into the US markets.  A couple of years ago he took his globalisation a 
step further by expatriating his company to the New York stock exchange.
A crude but useful rule of thumb is that if The Australian is for it we're 
against it.

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