[Marxism] Help needed on a Marxist syllabus

Ro Ma romaxxi at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 20 14:39:29 MST 2006

Help needed on a Marxist syllabus

Dear comrades:

I ask you please to help me on the same subject as in
the message below.  The audience will be
trade-unionists and the course will be continuously

I have already done a draft Marxist syllabus on both
marxian economics and philosophy and on the history of
socialism but I would like to enlarge it in order not
to forget any main feature, including contemporary
politics, economics and natural science.  

I am also making some researches in Politzer's 
_Principes élémentaires de philosophie_,  Afanassiev's
_Les principes de la philosophie_, Nelson Werneck
Sodré's  _Materialismo Dialético_  and _Materialismo
Histórico_ and Engels's _Anti-Dühring_.  Once I have
the syllabus done I will send it to anyone interested,

Thank you very much in advance,



Subject: [Marxism] Study guides for tentative Marxist
reading circle inPhilly 
From: j d <alex4545354 at xxxxxxxxx> 
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 10:23:28 -0800 (PST) 

Hello list, I have a favor to ask.  A friend and I are
interested in starting a marxist reading circle and I
was given the duty of finding/creating a syllabus. 

Could anyone on this fine list refer me to some web
resources that would assist me in this goal?  I would
like to try and kill two birds with one stone: 
Conduct both a reading of Marx and a reading of
contemporary discussions of Marx, pro and con of
course. Any and all advice will be gratefully

Thanks and special thanks to Mr. Proyect and his
invaluable list!
Alex, lurking nearby...  

Well, I know



Foundations of Marxism


“(...)o comunismo é uma abstração dogmática(...)infectado 
pelo princípio humanista”."O Mal (...) faz a história."
---  KARL MARX.   Verificar

"O rústico, porque é ignorante, vê que o céu é azul; mas o 
filósofo, porque é sábio e distingue o verdadeiro do 
aparente,vê que aquilo que parece céu azul,nem é azul,nem é céu."
---  pe.Antônio Vieira, S.J. (1608 / 1697)


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