[Marxism] More on the TWU dissidents

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 20 15:22:16 MST 2006

NY Sun, January 3, 2006
Faction of TWU Urges Members To Vote Against New Contract
By ALEC MAGNET - Staff Reporter of the Sun

A dissident faction on the executive board of the Transport Workers Union 
Local 100 broke ranks with the union president, Roger Toussaint, and urged 
union members to vote against the recent tentative contract agreement, 
which they called "a complete betrayal to labor."

Two union vice presidents, Ainsley Stewart and John Mooney, and one 
executive board member, Martin Goodman, denounced the agreement yesterday 
at a press conference, saying a "secret deal" Mr. Toussaint made with the 
Metropolitan Transportation Authority violated both the law and the 
workers' interests.


I have to believe that the Martin Goodman referred to above is my old 
friend Marty Goodman who went to work as a token clerk in the 1970s. Along 
with his pal "Radical Jack" Lieberman, they were the only two in the SWP 
that had the guts to write a preconvention discussion article stating in no 
uncertain terms that the "turn" was an overprojection. Now, he is in the 
heart of the most powerful labor struggle in recent years while the people 
who drove him out of the SWP are chasing their tails.



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