[Marxism] George Galloway Redux

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> Much of the above is so far from presenting a truthful
> picture of events as to beggar belief. So too might be
> said of the previous post too. It is certainly true
> that Galloways taking part in Celebrity Big Brother
> with a varied group of people, to be polite, is a
> stunt that would appear to have backfired on him and
> Respect. But other than that there is little I would
> agree with in either of the previous posts.


You announce that you do not agree with the previous post, but do not provide 
substantial reasons why.

It is an incontrovertible fact that Galloway was/is the de facto leader of 
the UK antiwar movement; that his appearance in front of a US Senate Committee 
last year served to galvanise the US antiwar movement; and that Respect did 
attract a large segment of Muslim support previously alienated from British 
political life due to Britain's support of Israel and involvement in the war on and 
occupation of Iraq, regardless of which mosque they worship in.

As for the SWP's role in Respect, you are correct in stating that they 
constitute the main force involved. As to their priority of selling papers and 
increasing papers, 'twas ever thus.


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