[Marxism] Internet will turn the world socialist

Juan Carlos juancarloscruz at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 20 18:34:47 MST 2006

I think that the internet is what making the world socialist, because the 
internet is the place where u can find more socialism knowledge, read this 
about another person who was right-wing and became left-winger:

Letters to the Editor

DEAR EDITOR: Thanks, Stranger Election Control Board, for your endorsement 
[Sept 15]. Wow, maybe the revolution will be televised!

As for your suggestion that I leave the Freedom Socialist Party for the 
Democrats, hell will freeze before that happens. I dumped the Dems for 
socialism in the 1980s, after "liberal" President Jimmy Carter reinstated 
registration for the draft. Since then, well-meaning folks have advised, 
"You'll get further if you drop the 's' word."

But, truth be told, any progress toward justice in this country is due to 
independent political mass movements, with radicals and socialists leading 
the way. On the other hand, look at what the Democrats did to the massive 
antiwar movement, which was out in the streets at the start of the Iraq War. 
Like you advise me, they urged protesters to "join the mainstream dialogue" 
via the Kerry campaign—and they killed the movement.

I'm a revolutionary feminist because I've studied Marxism and it makes far 
more sense than so-called "free-market" theories à la Milt Friedman and 
trickle-down Bush. What Marx scientifically showed is that, if humanity is 
to evolve, socialism is the next stage. Global productive forces are 
advanced enough to feed the entire world and reduce the workweek—if the 
economy were planned, wealth shared, and industry publicly owned under the 
control of workers.

Instead, under capitalism we get wars, manmade disasters like New Orleans, 
the trashing of our environment, and AIDS epidemics. The sooner we close 
Wall Street, the better for us and the world. Viva socialismo!

By the way, I call for a $17/hour minimum wage for all who work in Seattle, 
not just city contractors. In every nation (except Cuba) the poor are 
getting poorer and the rich richer. Few of us are paid what we need to 
survive, which in overpriced Seattle is at least $17 an hour.

Linda Averill

Seattle City Council candidate Position 4

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