[Marxism] Blum, Bin Laden and Wollenberg

Alex Briscoe obeynow20001 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 20 22:30:44 MST 2006

The Bin Laden-Blum connection is hilarious, at least
on a certain level.

I think I read in Wollenberg's _Red Army_ that
Tuchachevsky or some other leading Bolshevik was
accussed by the Stalinists during the purges of
consorting with German imperialists, plotting, etc.

Wollenberg pointed out that these militants were
meeting with German reactionaries in negotiating
agreements between Germany and the Soviet Republic,
softening opposition to the revolutionary left, etc.

This because, and what was really fascinating here,
and has parallels to Bin Laden-Blum, is that from 1920
to 1922, I believe, many German reactionaries looked
to the Soviet Republic as the savior of Germany.  They
lost faith in capitalism, did not have confidence in
their own movement, and had witnessed the power of the
period of revolutionary upsurge.

So, we may see strange bedfellows in the future.  I've
met a few, as I'm sure have other comrades.  Former
special forces guys with anti-communist tatoos who
support militant trade union actions and work with
leftists, etc.

I wonder what my friends from college days are doing
now- my Somali, Iraqi, Pakistani friends....I
graduated right at the cusp of the destruction of the
Soviet Union and the rise of fundamentalism and

Anyway, a Muslim fundamentalist terrorist citing a
left wing Jew- hilarious!

Alex Briscoe


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