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Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
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Wayne Rossi blames me with slandering (or so) Marxism.

This is quite religious, and I won't answer to such a profession of 

But I will certainly answer to this:  politics is concentrated 
economy, yes, but economy is _not_ concentrated politics.

One must always start with the concrete struggles on the spot and 
join them.  The duty of a Marxist is to raise this consciousness of 
the most active participants in the struggle to the general level of 
political understanding.

In the case of the Bolivian Water Wars, it means to integrate the 
_economic_ consciousness that Bechtel is robbing you your life to the 
_political_ consciousness that (a) Bechtel is a bourgeois company so 
that only socialism will help, or (b) the struggle against Bechtel is 
a part of a larger struggle for the independence and dignity of 

It is obvious that I would follow position (b), and Wayne position 

Which makes Wayne an ultra-leftist in my book and a wonderful 
supporter of class-isolation of the workers and lower peasants.

But when you take the Water Wars as "political" in themselves, you 
are not even an ultra-leftist.  You are an economist in the deep 
sense of Lenin, which only a Talmudic commentator can imagine to be 
restricted to "unions" and their struggles. 

One can _quote_ "What is to be done" and one can also _understand 
it_. I don't quote it often.  But I understood it.  

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