[Marxism] Economism

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 21 10:58:57 MST 2006

Nestor reverses the order of things, including the thing he
mis-identifies as economism...

So where Nestor says: " the struggle against Bechtel is a part of a
larger struggle for the independence and dignity of
Bolivia"  and opposes that to a mythic "ultra" position for socialism
right here right now or nothing; a positions that he misidentifies as
"economism..."  the real position of comrade Rossi is, in actuality...
"the struggle against Bechtel, represented and advertised as a struggle
for independence and dignity of Bolivia, is in fact part of a a larger
struggle against the bourgeoisie and for socialism."

Make mine Rossi.


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