[Marxism] Re:Where in the World is Bin Laden?

msiddique at aol.com msiddique at aol.com
Sat Jan 21 19:47:54 MST 2006

Something puzzles me about Bin Laden. Here is a man suffering from 
severe kidney problem, supposedly on dialysis, and suffers form all 
sorts of other health problems, yet he continues to live in remote 
mountains in Pakistan-Afghanistan border, with no electricity, and more 
importantly, no access to health care he needs to stay alive. And how 
long has it been now that he is supposedly living like this? I can not 
believe that he can actually be alive without access to some high 
quality medical service, which, given where he is, would require direct 
assistance of powerful institution(s), say a government?

Or, he is dead, has been for a while, as most people in Pakistan 

It is also inconceivable that US government does not know the truth 
about this fellow.

Ayman Zwahiri is another story. He is in good health, probably does not 
need much to survive, and can get it in the area he is in.

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