[Marxism] Radford's "Merchant" and Spielberg's "Munich"

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Sun Jan 22 08:43:30 MST 2006

As an introduction to his superb rendition of "The Merchant of 
Venice", Michael Radford, an English Jew, explains the hard condition 
in which the Venetian Jews were living at the close of the Middle 
Ages.  Against this background, Shylock can be understood if probably 
not pitied.  Thus, to tell the story from the Jewish point of view, 
Radford makes an adequate addition to Shakespeare's masterpiede.

I would like to know if Spielberg, another Jew, has done the same 
with "Munich".  According to press releases, the film has to do with 
the increasing feeling of guilt (ah, this old Jewish guilt that not 
even Zionists seem to escape!) that grasps the team in charge of 
revenge after the 1972 murder of the Israeli athletes in the Munich 
Olympic games.  In order to put things in context, it would have been 
necessary to explain why this group had chosen to call itself "Black 
September":  it was a reminder of the terrible massacres of 
Palestinian refugees in September, 1971, in a massive attack led by 
the the Israeli army.

Spielberg says that he made the film from the Israeli (explicitly not 
_Jewish_) point of view.  I am very much afraid that this part of the 
story hss not been told.  This kind of "Jewish" search for justice 
stops at the doors of whatever affects Israeli interest negatively.

A Palestinian version would be much more "Jewish" in the sense of 
Radford's "Merchant..."  than any "Israeli-Jewish" version.  Zionism, 
from the very beginning, tried to overcome ages-old prejudices of the 
Jews together with anti-Jewish prejudices.  It has been succesful, in 
some respects.

For example, it has been succesful in substituting the Israeli (that 
is imperialist) raison d'etat for the Sabbatical Jew's quest for 
truth and justice.

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