[Marxism] Cuba: Fidel Castro offers 150 thousand eye surgeries to the US people

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 22 18:11:53 MST 2006

Cuba: Fidel Castro offers 150 thousand eye surgeries to the US people

Cuban President Fidel Castro in Informative Round Table, Jan 22,
2006. Photo Ismael Francisco Garcia Camagüey, Jan 22. – 

Whereas the US Treasury Department threatens to fine members of the
Venceremos Brigade and of the Pastor for Peace for travelling to
Cuba, President Fidel Castro said that the Island is prepared to
offer 150 thousand free surgeries to the poor people suffering from
eyesight afflictions in the United States.

Fidel Castro upheld to be inspired to respond with such a gesture
before the cruelty with which Washington attempts to punish those
generous people that have always acted in solidarity with the Cuban
people in their harshest moments.

This offer, previously done by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who
suggested to extend the Operation Miracle to US people of lowest
income, now is improved with other 50 thousand quotas and a Cuban
aircraft fleet that would transport the patients from some place in
Florida to the Island or Venezuela.

Supposing it happens Cuba would cover the costs, “we bring them,
accommodate them and treat them” said Fidel, for that we have
excellent hospitals and equipment aside from a powerful human
capital, he added.

He wondered what Washington is going to say, will it allow its
citizens to Cuba to have an eye operation, Cuba’s purpose is not to
earn money as with the baseball, he emphasized.

Previously the Cuban President had analyzed the strange circumstances
in which a TV channel in Germany broadcast a film that incriminated
Cuba – and basically him – in the assassination of John F. Kennedy in
1963, when he was president of the United States.

He wondered who had paid for doing such a film that has been widely
publicized and seemed to be a CIA-made movie, for the style used in
other occasion defaming on the Cuban Revolution (Gualveris Rosales


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