[Marxism] The Stalinists and the United Front By James Cannon

Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 23 06:16:19 MST 2006

	This puts the position that the 'CP was the greatest
obstacle etc.' which is 'the Soviet Union is the greatest
international obstacle' writ small.

	Many Trotskyists held this view. If it were true then we
should have expected a Trotskyist upsurge after the 1989-91 fall
of the socialist countries and the end of the world communist
movement. However, this does not seem to have happened (unless
you are in the British SWP hall of mirrors that is). What's
holding things back now? I think Bob Gould advanced the view that
while Stalinism seems to have had a demise it still manages to
hold the movement in its death grip somehow but who can believe
that or Bob Gould?

> For some time we have been compelled to
> realize that the Communist Party remains
> the greatest obstacle to the development
> of the revolutionary movement in the United
> States. The Stalinists retain a powerful position
> in many trade unions 

Then there is the view:

a discussion with Comrade Trotsky on our last visit.
He was also of the opinion that our policy toward the
Communist Party for a long time has been too negative,
that we haven't devised sufficiently flexible tactics for
flank movements in order to win over to our side
a number of Stalinist workers.

	Which presumably led to 'entrist' tactics in both the CPs
and parties like the British Labour Party; Posadas more
concilatory, postwar attitude etc. But that didn't work either,
did it? Some CPers joined Trotskyist groups, especially Gerry
Healey's in Britain after 1956, but there weren't that many and
they were not that effective as they lacked the CP network.

	So here we are in 2006 with (in Britain) the Labour Party
destroyed as a working class vehicle; the remnants of the CP a
shadow of its former self; Trotskyist groups as small and
ineffectual as ever, whilst the globalised New World Order is in
its full, horrible flight. James Cannon's and Trotsky's views
from 66 years ago don't seem to have much resonance.

	We've got to leave the past behind, where it belongs, and
get out of the rut.

Jack Cade

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