[Marxism] Jon Stewart drifts right

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Seven Oaks (www.SevenOaksMag.com)

January 20, 2006

Mr. Stewart goes to Hollywood (and Pyongyang and Teheran if he could)

by Charles Demers

As the lone stand-up comic on a radio panel discussion, I was recently 
given the honour of first crack at the looming sell-out of Academy Awards 
host (oh and yeah, crusading outsider) Jon Stewart.  At this point, Stewart 
seems poised to undergo the Rick Mercer treatment ­ becoming the 
wisecracking, satirical critic whose searing insights become diluted to the 
point of complete harmlessness by a deluge of access and 
accolades.  Mercer, as Canadians know, let his outsized ego and his de 
facto appointment as Ottawa’s Satirist Laureate turn what had once been his 
televised platform against political idiocy and doublespeak into a campaign 
stop for Liberal party politicos.  With more and more of the high-ranking 
political and cultural figures whom Stewart has lampooned stopping by the 
show to be treated to his famously sycophantic interviews, and with the 
invitation to host the Oscars in front of Hollywood kingpins and a viewing 
audience of over a billion, it seems that Stewart has received the 
satirist's kiss of death: Everybody likes him and thinks he’s really funny.

But that’s not the only thing that’s turned sour with regards to Stewart.
With American liberals emboldened by the Bush tailspin and the attendant 
ascendance of Clinton  Democrats and McCain Republicans, an emerging, 
bellicose strain in Stewart’s Daily Show humour is acting as a canary in 
the culture mine shaft, signaling the coming contradictions within the 
Anybody-But-Bush camp.

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