[Marxism] RMT Open Debate on Working Class Representation

Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 23 11:31:45 MST 2006

	I don't think changing the Labour Party can be the main
task. As Bob Crow, the RMT GS, made clear that would be a twenty
year task-far too long a perspective. Taking 0-5 years as
short-term, 5-10 as medium and 10-15 as long-term that puts it
well into the long-term. Political life is not going to stand
still while they sort the Labour Party out. Just try and imagine
Britain in 2026 continuing under something like the present

	Also I would ask those who believe that the LP can be
transformed exactly how this is going to be done and by whom?
Plus it is not a process that is going to be unopposed. I think
even some of the so-called Labour Representation Committee people
realise that they just don't have the troops and resources to do

	Even, by some miracle the LP could be restored to a
mass-based social-democratic party susceptible to left influence
TODAY what would they do with it? It would just be the start of
more problems. Many unions do not have any policies for their
industries anymore. This is the heritage of the Thatcher years
and legal suppression of trade unions. Some years ago the media
were fond of quoting John Edmonds, the GS of the GMB union (now
retired). He was an old-style right-wing unionist from a union
that was hollowed out during the cold-war and where shop stewards
are appointed by the Regional Secretaries. What good is going to
come from an outfit like that?

	What we seem to be in for is an era of totally bourgeois
politics. The result of the next election is very likely to be a
hung parliament and therefore there will have to be some sort of
coalition government. The question then is will it be New
Labour-Liberal or Tory-Liberal? This is what is being discussed
now. Whatever it will be no joy again for the working class.

Jack Cade

> I agree, the tendency is to move away from the main task of 
> changing the  
> Labour Party, particularly when things appear to be on the 
> move-a la  education George Anthony 

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