[Marxism] The demise of Trotskyists or demise of Socialism in the U.S.?

Jerry Wells jeremy at infowells.com
Mon Jan 23 12:55:28 MST 2006

I read post of Jack Cade (Marxism Digest, Vol 27, Issue 61)
about the (continuing) demise of the Trotskyists. Are we not rather 
talking about the demise of the struggle for socialism in the U.S.? It
seems to me the Trotskyists have been making an heroic effort to promote
socialism among the working class and the public where most other
"socialist" groups have ceased promoting a seriously anti-capitalist
point of view.

I would like to refer you to the excellent web-site www.wsws.org.  This
web site provides a daily news analysis from an anti-capitalist
socialist-marxist-troskyist point of view, and has done so for the last
4 or 5 years. The writing and analysis is excellent and current. 
The major disintegration of the trade union movement into two
conservative trade union organizations is typical. Neither the AFL-CIO
or CtW is anti-capitalist. Both maintain the "partnership with corporate
business" role of trade unions. Neither is making a serious effort to
educate the mass of non-union working class to the fact that we must end
capitalism "as we know it".

Universal health insurance, Social security support, free public
education, affordable housing, ending pollution and massive effort to
transition the economy to a sustainable environment requires some form
of democratic socialism. We must end capitalist-driven war, the
military-industrial complex, the profit-driven and imperialist "pre
emptive" wars, and shut down the 700 plus bases around the world if we
are to even deal with the life-threatening questions facing working
people today.

The Socialist Equality Party is trying to see if there is enough
interest to run candidates in the 2006 election. In the last paragraph
of the document they are calling for people who agree with their
Statement to join in the campaign effort and to consider running
themselves as candidates.   

Here is the link entitled: For a Socialist Alternative to the 2006


The SEP is an international party with world-wide supporters the World
Socialist Web Site with analysis from Australia, Sri Lanka, Canada,
England, Germany, etc. in several languages besides English.

Closet socialism must end!

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