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robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 15:58:03 MST 2006

An excerpt from Kurt Nimmo re the latest Bin Laden missive.
Apparently, there's a growing body of opinion among global security
experts that Bin Laden has been dead since at least April 05. A
concomitant opinion among left Bin Laden watchers is that his
productions are now being staged by US intelligence ops. Of course
this may be conspiracy mongering but the stuff in the following about
Bin Laden referring his listeners to William Blum's book, Rogue State,
is pretty wierd.

Neocons Connect Author Blum to Osama
Kurt Nimmo
Friday January 20th 2006

As noted by Wayne Madsen, it is very peculiar that Osama bin Laden
finds it necessary to quote author William Blum in his latest
communiqué. "Bin Laden quotes from the introduction of a book written
by long-time Washington, DC progressive author and journalist and a
friend of mine, Bill Blum," writes Madsen...It's obvious what is going
on here-the Straussian neocons are
attempting to connect Blum to terrorism. Since Blum's book (Rogue
State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower) is essential reading
for those of us who want to understand how U.S. interventionism
works-and understanding this process is a direct threat to both the
neocons and their neolib fellow travelers-it makes sense for the fake
CIA-contrived Osama to make mention of it, regardless of the
irrationality of the effort.

Here is what the fake Osama had to say about Blum:

"If you (Americans) are sincere in your desire for peace and security,
we have answered you. And if Bush decides to carry on with his lies
and oppression, then it would be useful for you to read the book Rogue
State, which states in its introduction: `If I were president, I would
stop the attacks on the United States: First I would give an apology
to all the widows and orphans and those who were tortured. Then I
would announce that American interference in the nations of the world
has ended once and for all.'"

"Here's a top terrorist, hiding out in Pakistan or Afghanistan
somewhere, and yet he seems to be familiar with the latest releases
from an outfit in Monroe, Maine, called Common Courage Press, the
publisher of the Blum book," writes Cliff Kincaid for the National

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