[Marxism] Nepal's Maoists kill election candidate

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Mon Jan 23 16:53:58 MST 2006

ISN SECURITY WATCH (23/01/06) - Nepal's Maoist guerrillas on Sunday gunned down a politician contesting for a mayoral post in the local elections scheduled for 8 February, triggering fears of further attacks on other candidates.

Bijay Lal Das, 47, was shot three times in Janakpur city in eastern Nepal, and soon after his death, a man identifying himself only as Jivan, a local Maoist leader, told journalists his banned Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) was responsible for the shooting.

Das was the city chief of the Nepal Sadbhavana Party-Badri (NSP-B), the only national party that has pledged to take part in the controversial elections, and has a strong base in the plains of eastern Nepal.

The party supports King Gyanendra, who had led the government directly since last year when he seized power with the help of the army, whose chief, Badri Prasad Mandal, is a minister in the king's hand-picked cabinet.

The NSP-B is a key figure in the elections since it is being boycotted by the seven major parties that swept over 90 per cent of the seats in the last general election in 1999.

The 72 parties who have registered so far with the election commission are mostly fringe parties and newly formed ones. There are only two more national parties among them but both say they are still undecided in view of the deteriorating security situation.

full: http://www.isn.ethz.ch/news/sw/details.cfm?id=14492

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