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Mon Jan 23 20:09:57 MST 2006

I think it's good Evo went to S. Africa. Look at it this way: it is a country
that went through a radical transformation, perhaps on a similiar level as Evo
proposes for Bolivia, had to contront the US, etc and, because of this
important historic role that the ANC has played (and in spite of it's
neo-liberal agenda) it makes sense that someone like Evo visits. I got no
problem with it, except maybe, maybe, it's a waste of his valuable time, but
that was for him to decide.

If Evo 'endorses' or otherwise aligned himself with S. Africa in it's current
domestic squables, that would be one thing. But he didn't to my knowledge. Good
for him! The ANC doesn't provide advisers to Evo, like Brazil and Venezuela do,
so it's not even a matter of 'influencing' him. No big deal. Still, the post
was interesting.

Which is why it's cool that Louis posted this viewpoint, *as part of a general
discussion* that is the forte of this list, as part of an international
discussion that is going on despite Joaquín's rather guilty-liberal-trip he
seems intent on bestowing upon those that might take issue with aspects of the
new Bolivian gov't.

People on this list know I've been critical of Morales and the MAS. Yet I will
continue to post pro- or neutral news items about him that I think are worth it
for people to read up on if only for familiariziaton purposes. I even wish
Walter L. would continue to post SOME of his pro-Lula articles he used to post
until it got to be a flood and annoyed everyone to no-end. It's GOOD to see
multiple points of view, despite the effort by some to homogonize our

One wonders, though, why of ALL 'rejoinders' to Stan Winer Joaquín chose to post
this Winer gem:

"Still, there continues to be much theoretical bickering and criticism
of the ANC in some academic and civil society circles determined to
construct an edifice of misery on a foundation of the government's
'neo-liberal' policies. What the prophets of doom are saying, in effect,
is distinctly racist in character. They are saying African voters are so
stupid and backward that they've deliberately voted for an inept
government that will not act in their best interests."

I urge everyone to read the whole article, it is not much bigger than the
excerpt kindly posted here by Joaquín. In my mind it sort of sums of Joaquín's
(and others) approach to politics. Not to tar Joaquín too much, he doesn't
exactly say this, but his approach seems similiar: don't question. The above
paragraph is what we've been hearing here on this list for a long time. Please
note the avoidence in the article of the mentioning of what has been an ongoing
strike wave, privatization, continued misery among the masses of South Africa.
The idea that ALL criticism stems from the outside (that is, the *white*
*international left*), not from South Africans, is another trick (and a lie),
and thus, able to render ALL discusison into silance with the misuse of the
term "Racist" for those that dare say "excuse me...".

PS...good for Winer for seemingly breaking with his own white-guilt method of

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