[Marxism] Re: Win some, lose some. Clyde Cameron and the Australian Socialist Alliance

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Mon Jan 23 22:47:47 MST 2006

Bob Gould in full rhetorical flight:

>Bandwidth can hardly be an issue here, as no less than three DSP
>supporters have put up the whole text of new maximum leader Peter
>Boyle's important words on Green Left. One might have thought that the
>pointer that was included in my article might have beens sufficient,
>but apparently that's not adequate for the respect that should be
>shown for the words of the leader.

Bob, it's good form if you comment on something in an Internet 
discussion, unless it's in the same thread on a list, to provide a 
link. You failed to do so. I put the link (*not* the text), Dave 
Riley mistakenly thought the link was on the 'Latest 100 messages' 
page so would soon disappear (it already *has* disappeared from this 
page, i.e. it isn't at all easy to find), so he pasted the text, and 
Duncan Meerding neglected to cut this text from his reply. End of 

If you want to anyone to believe you're interested in a useful 
discussion, maybe you could stop ludicrously distorting and 
exaggerating every minor tidbit that you think can point to a 
horrible Stalinist DSP.

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