[Marxism] Links magazine online: China and Vietnam compared; 1905 anniversary

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Tue Jan 24 04:26:42 MST 2006

Now available online at <http://www.dsp.org.au/links/> -- full contents 
of issue 27 ("Socialism and the market: Chinese and Vietnamese roads") 
and lead article from issue 28.

Issue 27 <http://www.dsp.org.au/links/back/issue27/index.htm>

Socialism and the market—China and Vietnam compared
by Michael Karadjis

Vietnam's long history of struggle
by Nguyen The Phiet

Increasing domestic criticism of Beijing's pro-capitalist course
by Eva Cheng

Our views and opinions of the current political landscape
A letter to General Secretary Hu [Jintao]

Industrial restructuring and the working class in India
by S. Kumarswamy

The Venezuelan revolution and the need for solidarity
by Stuart Munckton

Chávez ends WSF with call to transcend capitalism
by Cleto A. Sojo

Two important meetings in Caracas

Independent unions: the way forward for US labour
by Malik Miah and Caroline Lund

Independence Square: a popular revolution, or ...?
by Aleksandr Buzgalin

Another Europe is possible!
Statement of European Anti-Capitalist Left
Issue 28 <http://www.dsp.org.au/links/back/issue28/index.htm>

The 1905 revolution and its lessons
by Doug Lorimer

(remaining articles from this issue will be uploaded later)

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