[Marxism] The Anti-Slavery Movement

Mehmet Cagatay mehmetcagatayaydin at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 24 07:08:44 MST 2006

Mark Lause wrote:

"I believe the American Antislavery Group is the one that raises money to
buy and then free slaves in Africa.  The problem being that it contributes
to the market for slaves."

You are right,

The consciousness or unconsciousness contributon of the Anti-Slavery
movement to the slave-market resides in its confusion between use-value
and exchange value. The realization of the use-value of a paid commodity
is a specific relation of the consumer with her object of property and its
complately independent from its exchange value. As a proper example, if
you buy all the drugs which is produced in a given period and dispose of
them afterwards, this deed in no way means the disposal of the commodity
form of drugs, or their symbolic meaning, but it only promotes the
exterminated drugs to capital, it contributes the transformation of drugs
to capital and capital to drugs by realization of surplus value.
Similarly, as Zizek pointed out, the alleged postmodern-feminist
revolution by the invention of the Viagra which has made the erection
somewhat controllable and predictable, has nothing to do with the symbolic
power of penis because it exists not in the mechanism of a particular
penis but in the genaral relation between the sexualities.

Buying and and emanticipating slaves presupposes the production of slaves.

Just as the abolition of an outdated social order, religion or any
oppressor-oppressed structure can only be archived by the abolition or the
transformation of their material conditions, the abolition of slavery is
only possible by the development of the productive forces in Africa.   

As Marx and Engels stated "in The German Ideology"; 

"...that slavery cannot be abolished without the steam-engine and the mule
and spinning-jenny, serfdom cannot be abolished without improved
agriculture, and that, in general, people cannot be liberated as long as
they are unable to obtain food and drink, housing and clothing in adequate
quality and quantity. “Liberation” is an historical and not a mental act,
and it is brought about by historical conditions, the development of
industry, commerce, agriculture..."

As I understant, the anti-slavery movements in U.S  are organisations of
foxy swindlers who sells the clear-consciencesness of the black slaves to
the feelings of guiltiness. History has showed us that (Spirit)uality is
one of the most profitable invesment field, where every spirit
dissappeared witout a trace. 

Besides, the social labour-time to construct a Spirit is increasing day by
day that the preceding accumulations is spend usually to its maintenance,
but not the REAL needs of people.

Mehmet Çagatay

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