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>I believe the American Antislavery Group is the one that raises money to
>buy and then free slaves in Africa.  The problem being that it
>contributes to the market for slaves.

Around this time, the Sudanese rebels became the favorite cause of Village 
Voice columnist Nat Hentoff, who has been spending the past six months or 
so it seems castigating the Cuban government for repressing dissidents. 
Many of his columns were focused on the alleged enslavement of Christians:

Actually, when I started writing about the slaves of Sudan in the Voice 
about six years ago, the beginning of the New Abolitionist movement was 
driven by the American Anti-Slavery Group, headed by Charles Jacobs, who 
first told me of the horrors in Sudan.

"There was also a young graduate student at Columbia University, Sam 
Cotton, who traveled to black churches and newspapers around the country to 
spread the liberating word. In Denver, Barbara Vogel told her fifth-grade 
class that slavery was not dead, and those kids began collecting money to 
free slaves in Sudan through Christian Solidarity International. Other 
schoolchildren around the country joined in.

There is not so much attention paid nowadays to the problem. This might be 
a consequence of John Garang's manipulation of do-gooders anxious to 
purchase the freedom of Sudanese slaves under false pretexts. A February 
26, 2002 Washington Post article reported:

The highly publicized practice of buying the freedom of Sudanese slaves, 
fueled by millions of dollars donated by Westerners, is rife with 
corruption, according to aid workers, human rights monitors and leaders of 
a rebel movement whose members routinely regard slave redemption as a 
lucrative business.

"The more children, the more money," said Mario Muor Muor, a former senior 
official in the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA), the leading southern 
rebel group in Sudan's 19-year-old civil war. Insiders say that SPLA 
commanders and officials have pocketed money paid to buy captives' freedom 
and in some instances stage-manage the transactions, passing off free 
southerners as slaves.

full: http://www.columbia.edu/~lnp3/mydocs/culture/LostBoys.htm



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