[Marxism] Chimps More Like Humans Than Apes

Mehmet Cagatay mehmetcagatayaydin at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 24 11:44:56 MST 2006

Chimps more like humans than apes:


"Cognition, it is often said, can never do more than separate the given
concrete objects into their abstract elements, and then consider these
elements in their isolation. It is, however, at once apparent that this
turns things upside down, and that cognition, if its purpose be to take
things as they are, thereby falls into contradiction with itself. Thus the
chemist e.g. places a piece of flesh in his retort, tortures it in many
ways, and then informs us that it consists of nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen,
etc. True: but these abstract matters have ceased to be flesh. The same
defect occurs in the reasoning of an empirical psychologist when he
analyses an action into the various aspects which it presents, and then
sticks to these aspects in their separation. The object which is subjected
to analysis is treated as a sort of onion from which one coat is peeled
off after another." Hegel (Shorter Logic)

"It seems to be correct to begin with the real and the concrete, with the
real precondition, thus to begin, in economics, with e.g. the population,
which is the foundation and the subject of the entire social act of
production. However, on closer examination this proves false. The
population is an abstraction if I leave out, for example, the classes of
which it is composed. These classes in turn are an empty phrase if I am
not familiar with the elements on which they rest. E.g. wage labour,
capital, etc. These latter in turn presuppose exchange, division of
labour, prices, etc. For example, capital is nothing without wage labour,
without value, money, price etc. Thus, if I were to begin with the
population, this would be a chaotic conception [Vorstellung] of the whole,
and I would then, by means of further determination, move analytically
towards ever more simple concepts [Begriff], from the imagined concrete
towards ever thinner abstractions until I had arrived at the simplest
determinations. From there the journey would have to be retraced until I
had finally arrived at the population again, but this time not as the
chaotic conception of a whole, but as a rich totality of many
determinations and relations." Marx (Grundrisse) 


Let's suppose scientists have discovered that humans and apes have exactly
the same DNA sites. It could be true; but these abstract DNAs would have
ceased to be humans and apes.

Mehmet Çagatay

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