[Marxism] Warrantless electronic surveillance

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Tue Jan 24 23:44:14 MST 2006

We probably ignore this fight because our own standards are so  
unrelated to what Bush and other presidents do.

Another reason to ignore it is because many others are conducting the  
good fight. What, after all, do we have to offer that the ACLU et all  

Speculation is one.

If what you really want to do, in addition to going after Al Qaeda  
and similar organizations, is to go after domestic groups, then it  
might be impossible to get a warrant, seeing as how that is now illegal.

After all, how did the government create its list that stops some  
American citizens from flying on airplanes? What is the asserted  
legal basis? Nancy Pelosi may know, but we don't.

If you don't need a warrant, then there is no paper trail. Everything  
is executive privilege.

Brian Shannon

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