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> I have read for instance that 
> in pre-Hitler France and Germany, there were many Jews in the 
> professions (doctors, teachers). I even saw a book in my local library
> that argued Hitlerite extermination of Jewry caused a flight of Jewish
> human capital that was mobilized by the Allies and proved decisive in
> defeating Nazism.

Yes, of course there were many Jews in the professions, and it is 
also true that the flight of human capital was important -not 
"decisive", if you think of Kursk or Stalingrad however- in defeating 

This commentary touches somehow an issue I have not seen on the many 
and interesting answers raised by Junaid's question, which is the 
impact of the complete clearing up of the old European Jewry by the 

This automatically shifted the basic core of global Jewish life to 
the United States, and gave right-wing Jews in America (by right-
wing, in the end, I mean "Zionist") an immense leverage power.  And, 
if you want to succeed in life, you should follow the succesful fold, 
shouldn't you.

If you take Zionism to its last consequences (and the richer you are 
the freer you feel to do so), then you end up as a neocon.

You are very right, Junaid, when you assume that 

> acceptance of Zionism conservatized many Jews, not that 
> conservatism in general Zionized many Jews.

And this, because Zionism is the _imperialist solution_ to the Jewish 
Question just as it appeared at the late 19th / early 20th Century.  
Whenever you turn to imperialists for a solution, you conservatize 
(at the very least) yourself.

What remains, is commentary.  For example the "softness" of the 
Zionism of Mapam or Mapai.  They were imperialist, that is, Zionist, 
parties.  Period.

Of course, things were quite complex under the pressure of the 
Holocaust and all that.  There were grey fringes and reality was not 
black and white as it never is sve on the Great Moments (and even at 
those moments, ahem...)

But your position is the basic starting point.

As ever.

The starting point, as Lenin explained, is imperialism.

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