[Marxism] Trecherous and bourgeois Bolivian regime...

Wayne S. Rossi felianan at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 25 10:53:28 MST 2006

Louis writes: 

Yes, but we have to take stock of Evo Morales's first steps as President 
which have been surprisingly--at least to me--uncompromising. The debate, 
if you'll remember, had a lot to do with the question of nationalization. 
But there is every indication that he plans to go ahead with this, using 
Venezuela for technical assistance. In some ways, the debate has taken on a 
kind of knee-jerk aspect with some people like Fred Feldman (who seems to 
have disappeared) automatically defending a decision not to nationalize as 
a sign of political maturity and immunity from Trotskyist ultraleftism and 
others making it a litmus test. As it turns out, there are clear signs that 
Morales will make the gas fields the property of the Bolivian people based 
on his appointment of a long-time radical to the Ministry of Energy. Let's 
not go overboard one way or another.
It's an interesting situation, and the bulk of my objection is not to discussion of what Morales is doing at all, but to Nestor's framing of the debate in such a way as to cut off all discussion on the topic.  He attacks an ultraleft strawman of my position, and that of several others on this list, for skepticism toward the Morales government and its ability to take the necessary steps in the class struggle that we see as happening in Bolivia.  He has presented the information in a confrontational way and without a scrap of analysis, whether it takes off from the anti-imperialist position or the class-struggle position.  What Nestor posted here is a disservice to the debate.
The debate, as is the Morales government, is just at the beginning; it will be interesting to see where actual events lead both.
- Wayne

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