[Marxism] Iranian invasion\attack plans?

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Wed Jan 25 17:55:48 MST 2006

In todays San Francisco Chronicle there is a detailed discussion/article about
US plans to hit Iran militarily over it's nuclear energy policy (which the US
sees as a threat to it because they believe it's a nuclear weapons program).

The discussion involves what the US could do or would like to do. It involves
the usual scenerios of bombing, how to get "all" the nuclear sites, troops
landings, what the political backlash would do, etc. Howeve, along these lines,
one such scenerio, which is very scary, is an 'abbrviated invasion" into the
mostly Arab speaking part of Iran, Krushistan, where, incidently, much of
Iran's petro-chemical industry is. Now, this is really scary be the US, in
theory, already has enough in place to do something like this.

My own oppostion to such speculation in the past is that while the US could
virtually do anything it wants, to limited effects, by air strikes, it could
not logistically move 50,000 combat troops into position and actually *invade*
Iran. In fact, if you read this article by the BBC:
it is pretty clear such a scenerio maybe out of the question. But now, I'm not
so sure. I'm thinking truncated attacks on ALL oil installations offshore
including their seizure is quite doable, as is limited occupations, as a
threat, to the Iranian regime.

Has anyone been following this besides me?


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