[Marxism] Trecherous and bourgeois Bolivian regime...

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jan 25 18:58:45 MST 2006

David W. wrote:
>When he announed that he was not going to touch foreign held property
>(which in large part the whole point of the rebellion), this person stepped
>down, saying it WAS a violation of what the people of Bolivia had demanded 
>the last few years (which was a very radical, *expropriation* proposal) 
>and what
>Morales promised during his campaign.

David, Fidel Castro did not nationalize foreign holdings at the outset. 
This only took place as the struggle mounted and it became obvious that 
foreign capital was aiding the counter-revolution. If Morales was 
interested in temporizing, he would have not named a firebrand like Andres 
Solis as Minister of Energy. Let's watch the process unfold. 

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