[Marxism] Trecherous and bourgeois Bolivian regime...

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Wed Jan 25 19:56:24 MST 2006

You are right, of course. I have no idea what Fidel's ideas were on Jan. 1 1959,
if that was his plan, down the road, or he was responding to his supporters who
were demanding it? I don't know, really. And we do have to let it unfold. But
part of that "unfolding", like in Cuba, is the dynamic of the class struggle as
the masses respond to these initiatives, and what *their* demands were going
into it.

It is not just "what the gov't will do" it is what the working class and
peasantry will do as well. Unlike in Cuba where the July 26th Movement has a
kind of political hegemony, Bolivia is very different in so many ways. The MAS
won electorally but it was, and is, very small in terms of it's political
membership; its ability to lead outside the voting booth. Workers and farmers
in Bolivia are in *other* organizations, not only the MAS. How this plays out
is worth watching, which is my main point.


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