[Marxism] Offense Sells The Tickets, Deffense Wins The Game

Mehmet Cagatay mehmetcagatayaydin at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 26 07:10:24 MST 2006

Mr. Alam wrote:

The (/ha-mekubal/) Rabbi David Bazri said: "The establishment of such a
school is a foul, disgraceful deed. You can't mix pure and foul. They are
a disease, a disaster, a devil. The Arabs are asses, and the question must
be asked, why did God did not create them walking on their fours? The
answer is that they need to build and wash. They have no place in our

On the other side of the mirror, it would be a dreadful insult to propose
Arab parents to allow the mixed education; it would be a nightmare for
them to imagine a believer child and a young infidel sitting next to next
and repeating the same maxims. If you dare to ask an Imam for an advice on
this issue, likely you provoke a similar anger. Of course, an Imam (if he
is not insane) could not go as far as this Rabbi, because the distinction
between believers and an infidels or good guys and bad guys is not racial
quality but is a personal preference in Quran. 

Evidently, the seperation of Catholic and Protestant schools in Ireland
and Back and White children in South Africa, etc. made a reactionary
impact and only deepened the racial bias and served as a solid ground to
fill the young brains with the idea of RACE. (You can attribute any
expression to an invisible face, you can rant and rave about the hidden
intentions of an inaccessible enemy). A pure being, an infant in Middle
East, could turn to a determinate being (a young Jew or a young Muslim) by
only relation to another, without a strict education it is impossible for
them to perceive the inhuman qualities of the other, e.g my 12 years
education before universty passed under an intensive ideological
bombardment of nationalism, although half of our lessons were in English,
we were taught that we have to be gratefull to born as a Turk, but because
of our educational system is secular, we had only a semi-god to express
our thanks: M. Kemal Ataturk, who was actually the creator of our nation
and the modern identifier of the word "Turk". He was the One who has
convinced us that all the nationalisms are evil except ours. 

But, where was our other, our innumerable intenal and external enemies? As
our creator was not an ordinary human, our enemies were so. They were
everywhere outside the clever and hardworking body of the Turk.
Approximately every single nation in the world was our natural enemy and
their bloodthirsty jealousy stems from the geopolitical position of our
heavenly country which has the richest resources of the world. We were one
of seven the nations managing to survive by leaning on only her resourses
(we were never informed about the other six) and these acquisitive evils
were sworn to death to take them away from us. They were sworn to
disintegrate our country, to defile our purity, to degenerate our
substential language, to trample on our values, to rip off our family
bounds, to prevent our soccer teams from reaching further rounds, etc. We
were living in a world where Turk was the object of the evil. i.e, Turk
was a holly figure suffering in the hands of pure evil. So we have told
that our nationalism is just a defensive one, but we have never
enlightened about the modern motto: "Offense sells the tickets, Deffense
wins the game"

I am wholly agree with a proposal for the mixed education among Arabian
and Jewish children. It's a deal. But from here rises a more vital
question: Under these conditions, who will educate them according to which
value judgements?


Mehmet Çagatay

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