[Marxism] Iranian invasion\attack plans?

Jon Flanders jonflanders at jflan.net
Thu Jan 26 09:22:09 MST 2006

The Atlantic Magazine conducted a war game that concluded an
attack/invasion of Iran was not an option.


 But for a laptop bombardier's argument for an invasion  and regime
change check out


To me it is a question of whether a floundering Bush regime decides to
double its bets and go for broke with an invasion. Just bombing wouldn't
be enough, that is pretty much a consensus, it seems.

I can't see how an attack on oil installations or a limited occupation
would be enough, either.

Jon Flanders

> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/4649066.stm
> it is pretty clear such a scenerio maybe out of the question. But now, I'm not
> so sure. I'm thinking truncated attacks on ALL oil installations offshore
> including their seizure is quite doable, as is limited occupations, as a
> threat, to the Iranian regime.
> Has anyone been following this besides me?
> David
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