[Marxism] Re: Query: formation of the Israeli nation

M. Junaid Alam alam at lefthook.org
Thu Jan 26 13:31:15 MST 2006

"Nathan Weinstock, Zionism: False Messiah (London: Ink Links, 1979). "

Although today, Weinstock has changed his trajectory 180 degrees into 
Zionism and rues the day he wrote that book, which he now disowns.

Anyone know whether Benny Morris - who went from the bizarre and 
untenable notion in 1990 "history should be used for its own purpose and 
not to bolster any political stance" to his present notion, "it's too 
bad the Palestinians still exist" - renounced any of his writings? I 
don't see that he has, and it would probably not matter technically 
since everything he wrote about was rooted in some cited archival 
document, but it would still be interesting to note...

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