[Marxism] Liberal students in USA get organized

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 26 13:42:06 MST 2006

The latest Nation Magazine has a long article titled "The New Face of the 
Campus Left" hailing something called Campus Progress, a student 
organization set up by the Center for American Progress (CAP). Campus 
Progress sees itself as an alternative for students who are "sick of what 
the left is doing--they want to walk to class without being handed a flier 
about a rally or vigil."

This slop can be read in its awful entirety at: 

The Center for American Progress is run by a character named John Podesta 
who was Clinton's Chief of Staff from 1998 to 2001 and is obviously 
well-funded based on the evidence of 88 (!!!) full-timers. Their website 
has such jewels as this:

--Extend the PATRIOT Act to Improve It

--Ehud Olmert is best positioned to carry on the surprising legacy of Ariel 

--The United States must devote more attention and resources to 
establishing a secure and democratic Afghanistan.

The author of this piece is Sam Graham-Felsen, a recent graduate of 
Harvard. Here are some of his musings in the Harvard Crimson from a couple 
of years ago:

"From what he's shown us so far, Wesley Clark is nowhere near progressive. 
Who knows if he's not just a wolf in sheep's clothing, a conservative 
masquerading as a Born-Again Liberal? I certainly don't. I doubt he'll 
really improve health care and education, substantially reduce poverty, or 
crack down on big business. But I do have faith that Clark is intelligent, 
and, above all, levelheaded. And these two attributes alone make a world of 
difference between a Clark presidency and a Bush presidency. And so, it's 
probably wise for me, and you, to take the path of least resistance. Clark 
won't necessarily be a great president, but he also won't destroy America, 
and the rest of the world, by 2008. I'm convinced that Bush will, and we 
shouldn't let him."

"Chomsky has his reasons for his unwavering radicalism. He could care less 
about persuading swing voters not to vote for Bush, because he distrusts 
governments in general. He believes that real change comes about as a 
result of grass-roots movements, not the political process. Yet, even if he 
is waiting for Americans to rise up in mass movements, he's not going to 
spark widespread protest unless he can get more people to embrace his 
message. And if he wants to convince Americans, he's simply got to tone it 

Here's an article on Campus Progress's antecedents:




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